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Scientific Name:   Turnt Tursiops

Rank:   Genus Bassheadus

Higher Classification:   Papi Porpoise

Did you know?
       Bottlenose Dalfins are highly active and are frequently seen riding waves, leaping playfully into the air, and TAIL SLAPPIN' all over the world.

[SOURCE: Encyclopedia of Womps]

No need to test the water, the temperature is perfect! Forget about getting your feet wet and
dive in head first with Dalfin, who has a little bit of everything to satisfy anyone's sonic needs.


Always experimenting with various musical waves, Dalfin has never been known or
labeled as a niche genre artist. He intends to keep it that way as he continues
to release new tracks in 2020, blending multi-genre sounds and pulling from
different styles such as trap, left field, neuro, dub, rap and hip hop, to name a few.


Growing up on the East Coast before moving to Oakland in 2015, Dalfin was raised on sounds
of J Dilla, MF Doom,and Madlib, which he credits as major musical influences on him today.  These underground hip hop legends, who he still bumps heavily, also serve as a reminder 
to keep making unique music that he and his fans enjoy and want to hear, regardless of
industry norms and thirst. So keep your eyes and ears open for even more original releases,
collabs, and remixes coming from Dalfin's underwater lab this year!

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